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Cost Optimization Guide: Optimizing Your AWS Infrastructure Costs

AWS is the leading cloud providers, but with AWS innovative services, could come with high costs. According to many sources, other public cloud providers are sometimes up to 300% cheaper than AWS.. but is it real ? Is AWS expensive ?

The answer is yes and no ! AWS could be really expensive if you're doing it wrong !

This guide will help you in setting up the best practices in order to avoid paying more than what you really need !

Adopt AWS best practices and save money now for a tiny price
* AWS Cost Optimization Guide will be released in September 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop me an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question in the following list.

What do I need this guide?

Usually, people who are starting learning AWS and Cloud administration, do not have enough experience and feedback about the best practices to avoid paying high costs. This guide will help avoid some traps and surprises.

Why the price is discounted ?

For two reasons.
1) I am offering this price to Practical AWS participants.
2) This is a preoder. Once the guide is released, the price will increase.

What payment services do you support?

You can use your bank card but if you want to use other payment method, just send me an email.

Do I need an experience with AWS to follow your course ?

This guide is complementary to Practical AWS training. You'll need some basic knowledge about AWS. When following this training, you may have some question about pricing and cost optimization and this how this guide will be helpful.

I think this course is expensive !

If you think that the efforts that I've done during very long hours of work are not a good argument, think just about the high costs you can avoid by paying a tiny price for a guide !

Other questions?

Please let me know.