Each day new blog posts, videos and tutorials are created to help people learn Cloud Technologies like AWS ..but have you noticed that a huge part of this is just a clone or a copy/paste of the other ? Most of the content looks like introductions and basic/theoretical stuff ! This is the case even in official documentations.. Even passing certifications exams, is not really enough when you don't have the PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE.

Gartner Reports

AWS is the leading cloud provider and mastering it is a must for serious developers, ops engineers and DevOps professionals.

Engineers and developers are confused in front of the rapidly growing AWS ecosystem, many of them have found some difficulties to enter the containers world.

Among many similar testimonials, these are some discussions I had with some of my readers

" Hi Aymen, I've been receiving some messages from you lately to enroll in your "Practical AWS" course and I must see the range on topics on offer looks tempting.
Also, I am having the same experience as one on your website, e.g. having completed multiple AWS certifications but not yet feeling confident of being able to actually build something useful. "

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Another testimonial

" I have worked as a Network Engineer for more than 7 years and I just recently studied for AWS associate certifications and passed the three associate exams, but despite all that I still feel clueless on how to build a real production system on AWS
So I was looking a practical course like yours. Hope it helps "

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This is why I created Practical AWS Training

You need a practical training inspired from real use cases and examples. Real-world examples as teaching strategy makes learning more meaningful.

Practical AWS is a complete and detailed training to master common AWS services. It' designed for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

You will be guided step by step from the simple basic concepts to the advanced powerful features in order to master a good part of AWS ecosystem from development to production using a variety of technologies:

EC2 S3 EFS Lambda Route53 VPC CloudFront ELB IAM SQS SES/SNS LinuxKit Docker Swarm Kinesis Firehose AWS CloudWatch Rekognition RDS Certificate Manager And More..

About The Author


Aymen is a Cloud & Software Architect, Tech Entrepreneur, Author, CEO of Eralabs (A DevOps & Cloud Consulting Company) and Founder of DevOpsLinks Community

He has been using AWS since the word Cloud Computing was just a buzz.

Aymen has more than 10 years of experience in system and software engineering and, DevOps/Cloud related projects

He is leading Eralabs providing DevOps consultancy services to companies, some of them are in the top 10 world class companies.

He is interested in Cloud Computing, Docker, the DevOps philosophy, lean programming and coaching.

You can find Aymen on Twitter.

Follow Easy & Simple Steps

Build & Deploy Real World Applications

Get Your Achievement Certificate

Like sportsmen, all great developers and engineers need coaches and mentors !

It is certainly an investment, sometimes it costs some hundreds of dollars, sometimes more, but it is a performance accelerator.

Sometimes, we don't see the need to coaching and follow-up because we're plunged into our daily life and we don't have the right vision.

With my online blog posts, books, courses and trainings I am publishing since almost 7 years now, I position myself as your coach, with the goal of helping you to reach your goals.

The contents of my trainings are based on my own experience (more than 10 years now) in software development, architecture as well as ops and DevOps engineering.

Before spending hundreds of hours learning a technology, I compare it with many others and I was always happy with my choices since these technologies were the right choices.

What's a right choice ? It's the technology that will rise, it's the technology that will pay you more during your career and it's the technology that will be more developed in the future.

During the last 2 year, I focused most of my efforts on two great technologies: Containers/Serverless and Cloud Computing.

I've seen a lot of trainings and read many technical books that are just unuseful, either because there is a lot of blah blah or because it look like official documentations ..

I love combining simplicity and effectiveness in my trainings and this is what I've put together in Practical AWS.


The Philosophy Powering This Training



A Step By Step Guide

In this training, you will be guided step by step in order to build and prototype useful applications like creating a high availability Wordpress website, using S3 to host a static website, build a pub/sub system using SNS and SQS or creating a real time consumable stream of data .. and moooore


Use Case Driven

All of the provided examples are tested and taken from the real world. The goal of this course is not providing a documentation about AWS Service but learning how to use AWS in complex real world use cases



Best Practices Driven

Trough this course you will be warned about the best practices and the things that you should & should not do. Practical AWS has a bottom-up approach to implementing best practices while learning.



"The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity" ~ Douglas Horton. AWS ecosystem may be complex but I simplified the whole bloc part by part without falling in useless complications.



Lean Approach

The training was created using a lean approach. The main idea behind this training is providing a content of good quality about AWS since students have participated in creating it by sharing their suggestions to ameliorate the content before the last version has been released. You'll have life-time updates.


This is What You're Going to Discover and Learn

Using Real-World Examples as Teaching Strategy Makes Learning more Meaningful

Learn Cloud Computing basics

Learn Cloud networking & use AWS VPC

Host a Wordpress application using EC2

Create a Distributed File System using EC2 and EFS

Host a High Available Wordpress using EC2, ELB & RDS

Host a Static Website Using S3

Use Route53 To Manage Your Domain Names & Hosted Zones

Host a Static Website Using S3 with CloudFront CDN

Use AWS Lambda to Create a Serverless Easy-To-Deploy REST APIs

Use AWS Lambda to Create a Serverless Uptime Monitoring System with SMS Alerts

Use Amazon SNS & SQS For Inter-Process Communication In A Microservices Architecture

Create a Near Real Time Big Data Processor Using Kinesis & Lambda

Use AWS Rekognition To Identify People in Images

& More (Like creating an AWS Image using LinuxKit, Using Chalice and Zappa frameworks for Lambda, CloudFront Security, CORS ..)

Practical AWS

Practical AWS

You will learn how to use many of AWS services in development and production environments, put a plan for an effective development and deployment strategy to get the best results for your AWS environment and build a self healing & highly available cloud infrastructure and services.
After buying Practical AWS you will access our private Slack channel with the author and your fellow course participants where we can discuss and share questions and problems you encountered. You will also get life time updates on the training.



AWS Services

Who should take this course ?

Serious Developers, Ops Engineers, DevOps Practitioners & Cloud Enthusiasts

What Readers Say About My Previous Trainings

Content wise this is the best book I had come across.

I'v been using docker ecosystem for 1 year or so.

I had tried to refer to various documentations available and purchased courses on Udemy, Linux Foundation as well but none of them is as comprehensive ,hands-on, practical use-case driven which this book covers.

I will surely refer this to professionals working in area of SDN,NFV and using docker on a daily basis.

Vinay Gupta, Digital Solution Architect at Ericsson

Great book!

Helped me to finish few projects based on Docker.

I am sure that my colleges, whom I recommend your book, would be interested as well.

Thank you Aymen!

Eugene Karmazin, IT Ops Engineer, IT Consultant

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Practical AWS


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